Since 2015 the G20 YEA is actively participating in the B20 by contributing to B20 Task Forces. More than 20 G20YEA leaders and members contributed to the work of the task forces on SME and Entrepreneurship, Employment, Trade and Financial Growth. This resulted in the G20 YEA being mentioned as a best practice in the B20 SME and Entrepreneurship Task Force Policy Summary of the B20 Turkey (page 16):

Leading practice 9: The G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance (G20YEA)

The G20YEA is a collective of 20 organizations across G20 countries, which promotes youth entrepreneurship as a driver of economic renewal, job creation, innovation, and social change. The alliance represents over 1 million young entrepreneurs employing some 12 million people. Every year, the G20YEA brings together over 700 of the world’s top young entrepreneurs for a three-day summit to share their ideas with the B20 and G20 leaders in order to catalyze global change. In addition, each association organizes local networking events such as Global Entrepreneurship Week, and actively promotes entrepreneurship with media, universities, and local policymakers.

Further, the G20 YEA recommendation to initiate a G20 entrepreneur visa is included in the B20 SME and Entrepreneurship Task Force Final Policy Summary (page 4, point 1):

The B20 SME and Entrepreneurship taskforce recommends the following actions to address the identified binding constraints to SMEs’ growth:

  1. Provide capacity building and support to SMEs to comply with international standards, promote harmonization of international standards, and initiate G20-wide entrepreneur visa programs.

The entire B20 SME & Entrepreneurship Task Force Policy Summary can be accessed here.

The recommendation to initiate a G20-wide entrepreneur visa program was mentioned in the Summary of the B20 Policy Proposals for the G20 as the 16th key recommendation.

The Summary of the B20 Policy Proposals for the G20 as of September 2015 can be found here.

In 2016 G20 YEA leaders and members are again contributing to the B20 task forces on SME development and employment. More information on the 2016 B20 Task Forces can be found here.

Info box: The Business 20 (B20) provides a significant platform for the international business community to participate in global economic governance and international economic and trade regulation. Centered on B20 taskforce meetings and the B20 summit, it supports the work of the G20 by hosting focused policy discussions and developing recommendations geared towards strong, sustainable and balanced growth in the global economy.

Over the years B20 priorities have been clearly aligned with those of the G20 Summit, focusing on major goals in global economic development. These include financial system reform, trade, investment, infrastructure, employment and anti-corruption policy. The B20 taskforces consult with the business community and devise a list of recommendations for G20 members. Since 2010 more than 400 policy recommendations have been proposed. These continue to be highly valued by G20 leaders and many have been incorporated into previous G20 communiqués. Many G20 leaders have attended previous B20 summits and exchanged views with B20 delegates.

UN Strategic Development Goal Nr. 8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth

The G20 YEA is promoting development-oriented policies that support productive activities, decent job creation, entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation and encourages the formalization and growth of SMEs through access to financial services.


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