TUGIAD (Young Businessmen Association of Turkey), founded 1986 by Mr. Cefi Kamhi our Honorary Chairman, is the first and only National Young Entrepreneurs’ Association honoured by the title of “Turkey”.

TUGIAD is a network of 750 prominent members between 21 to 45 years old, representing various business sectors namely.

Construction – Super Construction, Construction Materials, Textile Industry, Automotive & Spare Parts, Food Industry, Mining, Energy – Renewable Energy, New Techs, Logistics & Services, ICT, Furniture, Medical Equipments, Project Management, Foreign Trade & Consultancy.

TUGIAD, allowing in excess of 380.000 job opportunities throughout Turkey and a total export volume of ca. 14 Billion US Dollars per annum, aims to be the leading Young Entrepreneurs’ Organization in the Region as well as across the Globe.

In order to reach its aim, TUGIAD puts young entrepreneurship eco-system on the agenda not only in Turkey but also throughout neighbouring countries, carries out studies at home and in foreign countries regarding both national and international matters, organizes business missions, fact-finding conferences, panel discussions, studies on strategically important issues unanimously pointed out by G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance namely access to funding, public-private support mechanism, entrepreneurial education, entrepreneurial culture and taxation and regulations, besides all its other activities.

TUGIAD, representing Turkey at G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance (YEA) is at present, executive board member of MAME (Mediterranean–Africa–Middle East Young Entrepreneurs’ Network) targeting 200.000 Young Businesswomen and Businessmen in 84 countries.

TUGIAD is the founder and initiator of MYE Project (Federation of the Mediterranean Young Entrepreneurs) in cooperation with EJB (Egyptian Junior Business Association) which will be located in Istanbul.

TUGIAD, having permanent representative in Brussels since 1993, is at present vice-president of YES representing 45.000 young entrepreneurs at European level, the one and only young entrepreneurs lobbying power at European level.

Our Vision

We, as TUGIAD members, envision:

  • An Association of first choice among Turkish Young Entrepreneurs, a lobbying power focuses on influencing the decision makers, the public and the media for a socio-economic change, job creation and future economic prosperity.
  • Being the leading Young Business Association, the voice of Turkish Young Entrepreneurs throughout Turkey and across the globe.

TUGIAD commits to:

  • Promote entrepreneurial culture throughout Turkey as well as neighbouring countries and represent Turkish young entrepreneurs across the globe.
  • Promote, support and growth entrepreneurial culture share information and resources among its overseas partners for the benefit of young entrepreneurs.

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