In COPARMEX we strive to create more and better business in Mexico, which in turn will help generate a better quality of life, better jobs, better education, a Mexico more competitive. In COPARMEX we have the support of each and every one of our business affiliates, but also need the active and conscious participation all private initiative, youth, workers, educational institutions, government, society in general.

We want:

  • a competitive open economy and efficient banking
  • a promoter of development; competitive credit capitalized field
  • a modern, decent and competitive
  • a business and not government without rector, but promoter of the economy
  • a quality education and promoting values
  • a maximum deregulation of economic activity
  • the inflation competitive with that of our major trading partners
  • the promoter of unionism business productivity
  • Companies competing in the global context
  • Exports increased and diversified, balanced trade balance
  • the full electoral competition; in participatory democracy
  • the social and economic infrastructure and competitive worthy
  • a strong formal economy underground economy to minimize the public safety
  • the full, competent and honest police forces the separation of powers
  • a healthy environment, clean businesses, effective regulations on ecological
  • a stable monetary policy, independent central banking legislation
  • a simple and stable fiscal, fiscal burden competitive competition
  • a social security system optional
  • the consistent and widespread increase in purchasing power
  • the full development of a strong culture of business excellence

Other Members

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    Future Academy

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  • Italy


    The Confindustria Young Entrepreneurs Movement

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  • United States

    United States

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  • Saudi Arabia

    Saudi Arabia

    The Centennial Fund (TCF)

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  • Indonesia


    Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), Indonesia

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