The Confindustria Young Entrepreneurs Movement was formed within the framework of the Confindustria associations system as a group of individuals whose aim is to strengthen awareness of the entrepreneur’s role and to set it apart from conventional organizations set up as business associations.

The Confindustria Young Entrepreneurs Movement is proud of having started the idea of identifying, searching and connecting several young entrepreneurs’ associations all around the world, bringing them all together for the first time at the first G8 Young Entrepreneurs Summit held in Stresa (Italy 2009). It is also an honour to be amongst the founding members of the G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance, a fundamental step towards building up a global awareness about youth entrepreneurship.

The group seeks to play the role of “critical conscience” within the Confindustria System, and as “innovation laboratories” with respect to civil society.

The main activities of the Young Entrepreneurs Movement include (i) encouraging the spread of business culture and the growth of entrepreneurial opportunities within society; (ii) supporting the affirmation of the free market and competition, merit and social mobility with a view to furthering Italy’s competitiveness; and (iii) enhancing the role of the entrepreneur, the latter being viewed as an active and responsible player for Italy’s economic, social and civil development.

The Young Entrepreneurs Movement is composed of individuals aged between 18 and 40 years old, who have held management positions within companies that are registered with Confindustria local member associations. The Division has greatly expanded over the years and today counts 12.500 members associates, organized across 105 Provinces and in 20 Regional Committees. | @GIConfindustria

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