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G20 YES taking place in June

The alliance recognizes that young entrepreneurs are important drivers of economic growth, job creation, innovation and social change which is necessary for the healthy growth of nations. At the end of the summit, the organization of the host country presents a document to each of the heads of the executive with the conclusions and proposals generated by the movement.

The main objective is that entrepreneurship should being considered as part of the international political agenda.

In 2008 our country had the highest number of young people who will never have: “28 million people between 12 and 29 years of age.” In the next 10 or 15 years, all these people will be adults of working age without much promise for the future, unless we do the right thing.

What compels us to ask three questions:

Is the country that we have built ready for offer educational opportunities, development and growth to those 28 million of Mexicans?

And if so, would be our enterprises already prepared to absorb this workforce?

So now the forced question is:

Even if we act in the right way, do we have enough time?

It is for this reason that the Committee of Young Entrepreneurs of COPARMEX, focuses its efforts on creating new entrepreneurs who contribute for reduce this economic gap and lack of opportunities in our country.

Hence the importance of participating and being a fundamental part in the actions of international forums in where we can act as a guiding axis of social change that both need our Mexico.

Let’s become the leaders of the most influential and important business youth forum of the World.


June 2nd to 5th of 2012


México City


Member of the G20 + 18 Latin American Countries + 5 Special Guests Countries = 500 entrepreneurs of all over the world


Embassies and government representatives from participating countries, International mass media

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