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G20 YEA Meets in Seoul

Leading organizations representing millions of young entrepreneurs in countries across the G20 signed a charter outlining a framework of how it will engage the G20 process to include entrepreneurship in its ongoing agenda. The G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance is made up of the leading organizations that support young entrepreneurs around the world. In recognition that entrepreneurship is now, more than ever, at the heart of the new 21st century economy, it has committed to sharing best practice on the entrepreneurial ecosystem within each of its member nations to further enhance competitiveness, growth, job and wealth creation.

The Alliance’s work in Korea built on its successful launch at the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Summit in Toronto, Canada in June 2010. Members signed the charter and committed to an ongoing process of engagement with the G20 movement. Through its role as the forum for championing the cause of G20 emerging entrepreneurs, Alliance members will also share experiences, initiatives and policies going forward in building entrepreneurial economies and fostering entrepreneurship in G20 nations and worldwide.

“We, Young Entrepreneurs’ Society of Korea (YES Korea), are so pleased to be the host of G20 Young Entrepreneurs Summit, Seoul, Korea.” said Michael Lee, CEO of the organization. “All representatives discussed strategies for making the G20 YEA an even more impactful and sustainable global movement.”

The Alliance will meet prior to each G20 leaders summit. The next meeting will be taking place in France in November 2011 and will be hosted by Les Journees de l’Entrepreneur

“We are proud to organize the next G20 Young Entrepreneurs Summit in France,” said Gregoire Sentilhes, Chairman of the organization. “Our ambition is to inspire the future generation of entrepreneurs and foster the hope attached to entrepreneurship as the social and economic link between government and citizens”.

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